Fantastic Cosplays at Windsor Comic-con 2017

The weekend of August 12th-13th, 2017 was an exciting one for the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The Caeser’s Windsor Casino & Hotel was host to the Windsor Comic-con. We at Broken Key Media chose to attend the convention on the latter of the two days, though we enjoyed ourselves all the same. The event itself was two floors. The main convention hall being on the ground level and the 3rd floor housed the panels. The goal for us at this convention was to connect with the cosplayers, so naturally after scoping out the main convention floor we decided to attend the How to Cosplay with RayGrey Cosplay in the Augustus Ballroom. The panel was quite informative, fun, and interactive. They covered a few important questions like how to deal with handsy fans. It’s refreshing to know almost all cosplayers believe in the Cosplay Is Not Consent movement. There were some lighter questions as well like how long the costume took, and what materials were used. However, for the most part it was all about what the attendees could ask the cosplayers. They panel guests were incredibly forthcoming and helpful to any question the attendees had.


After the panel, we met a few cosplayers wondering about the main convention floor. Emma F, has been cosplaying for 6 years and came dressed as Black Canary from The CW’s Arrow. Black Canary is one of her favorite characters. She says she is a “huge fan and loves every incarnation of her.” This cosplay was chosen because it was “a comfy cosplay while still looking like a character (she) loves” Though she likes The Arrow TV show version of Black Canary the most she also has plans to make costumes of Black Canary from The Bombshells and D.C. Rebirth comics as well as Injustice videogames. Not only does she cosplay as Black Canary but also Sheppard from Mass Effect and plans to cosplay as Senua from Hellblade.

She has a cosplay Facebook which can be found here:

black canary marked

The convention saw many first time cosplayers like Jeramiah F. came dressed as Qrow Branwen from RWBY. His inspiration for the costume is that he’s a big fan of the show. The cosplay he chose is the uncle of his favorite character. Cory P’s first time cosplaying was Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Jon Snow is Cory’s favorite character in the series. He plans to attend other conventions as Jon Snow but no other characters planned at this time. Rob and Brianna are also first time cosplayers choosing to be Natsu and Lucy from the manga/anime Fairy Tail. They plan to do more detail on their costumes in the future but no other characters planned. Jordan and Mark came to the convention last year, and saw many people in costume. They planned to change things up this year by attending with costumes themselves. Their cosplays are Link from Legend of Zelda and Itachi Uchiha from Naruto. They both have plans to continue cosplay and have a few characters in mind like Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Many of these cosplayers mentioned piecing their costumes together through various vendors such as thrift stores and online retailers but expressed interest in making some of their materials in the future.


George D. was Deadpool from Marvel’s X-Force. He works with Illegal Alien Cosplay and often dresses as Alf, Howard The Duck, and Yoda. Though he frequently cosplays as those characters, he said that Deadpool would have to be his favorite. Even joking about his height and telling us he’s “Kidpool.” He likes how crazy and random Deadpool can be which is what drew him to the Cosplay originally. He likes his Deadpool costume a lot and wants to use it in the future but also said he doesn’t want to neglect his other cosplays.

He as a cosplay Facebook that can be found here:

x force deadpool 1marked

We ran into a few other seasoned cosplayers such as Kirsten who came as Raven from D.C.’s Teen Titans. She’s been cosplaying for a year and has always loved Raven, so she wanted to take special care to get it right. Her costume took two to three months to make and this is her 5th time cosplaying and despite this Raven is her current favorite. Other cosplays include Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug as well as various anime characters. Future plans include the possibility of Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. Jacob G. cosplay as a classic Akatsuki character from Naruto. He’s been a fan of the series and has been collecting Naruto items for quite some time. He’s only cosplayed one other time as a character from Sons of Anarchy but plans to come back as a Hokage from Naruto. D.Va main Andrea not only plays her favorite character from Overwatch but dresses as her too. She chose the Overwatch Anniversary skin for D.Va to cosplay as, though she admits she likes the police skin better. However, she’s rather cosplay with the full suit or perhaps even Pharah from the same game in the future. She’s been to Windsor Comic-con since the first one where she came dressed as Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon manga/anime.


One of the panelists RayGrey Cosplay tells us she always been a fan of comics and has collected for a while. She has a background as a costume designer for musicals, fashion shows, even making elaborate Halloween costumes for herself. When she was invited to a comic-con for the first time she pulled up an internet search and found out people dress up for conventions. She was not having this and didn’t want to go not dressed up. Her first cosplay was Rachel Grey that shares a name with her and the reason why she uses the name RayGrey Cosplay. Even though there is a strong connection to her first cosplay, her favorite would have to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She’s been cosplaying for five years and even got her husband involved and they have been cosplaying together for the past two years. At this convention, she was Wonder Woman, she had planned to do a Wonder Woman cosplay for when the movie came out and Windsor was the next on her list after the movie came out. Her corset piece is made of foam and worbla and the skirt is made of leather golf bag which was intended for the skin of Mystique from X-Men. The future of cosplay involves a few costumes that are paired with her husband like Banjo and Kazooie or Wolf Link and Midna.

She has a cosplay website here:


Much like the story of RayGrey and her husband there were other veteran cosplayers getting others interested in cosplaying. Shaun and his daughters were one such group. Shaun came dressed as Captain America. His daughters wanted to come dressed up and he figured he’d follow suit and plans to come back and cosplay some more. Miranda wanted to bring Courtney for her first-time cosplaying. Miranda was San from Princess Mononoke and Courtney was Futaba Sakura from Persona 5. Miranda has five cosplays under her belt and San is her favorite so far as it’s the one she spent the most time on. As for the future, they both don’t have any cosplays planned but want to figure it out as conventions come around.


Zombie Bit Me has been cosplaying for nine years. One year she went to Anime North and fell in love with cosplay. She made an online presence for her cosplay and built for those nine years. Her favorite cosplay is Soldier 76 as it was the most fun to play around with. When it comes to future concepts she tends to play it based on what cosplay she’d be attending at the time. The cosplay that was most difficult for her was one of her first ones Felicia from Dark Stalkers, stressing that the shoes were particularly frustrating. Her actual first costume however was Chii from Chobits. She does like to revisit and update some of her older cosplays but told us she will sell the cosplay after the revisit. The cosplay for Windsor was a symbiote infected Spider Gwen. She wanted to come up with something that was ahead of the game. She likes Gwen Stacey but like Mary Jane more. After looking at the pictures I felt I needed to photoshop one of her pictures as her poses looked like she was hopping right out of the comics.

Her cosplay website can be found here:


Throughout the day, we saw a few other cosplayers which we were unable to interview because they were either in character or too busy at the time. Such cosplays were Dr. Evil, Pharah from Overwatch and Batman. All around it was a very fun convention and it was very cosplay friendly. We would defiantly return.



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